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06.02.2016: Times of India
Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw, PNC Menon pledge majority of their wealth to philanthropy
06.02.2016: Trade Arabia
Prince Alwaleed takes 'Giving Pledge'
06.01.2016: Bloomberg
Buffett’s Billionaire Ranks Swell as 17 Join Giving Pledge
06.01.2016: Fast Co.Exist
The Giving Pledge Expands To China With Its Latest Round Of Philanthropic Billionaires
06.01.2016: Fortune
Airbnb Cofounders Join Buffett and Gates' 'Giving Pledge'
06.01.2016: Recode
The Airbnb founders and a Saudi prince are among the latest to take Bill Gates' Giving Pledge
12.02.2015: USA Today
Gates, Buffett Giving Pledge Gets Zuck Spotlight
12.01.2015: Associated Press
Smithsonian museum initiative explores ‘Giving in America’
12.01.2015: Chronicle of Philanthropy
Bill Gates and Warren Buffett Optimistic on Future of Philanthropy
09.25.2015: Financial Times
The billionaires’ promise
06.03.2015: CNNMoney
10 more billionaires join Buffett-Gates Giving Pledge
06.02.2015: Forbes
Health Records Billionaire Judy Faulkner, Chobani Yogurt Founder, 8 Others Join The Giving Pledge
05.31.2015: ABC News
World's Wealthiest Donate Billions Through the 'Giving Pledge'
05.09.2014: The Chronicle of Philanthropy
The Chronicle of Philanthropy: 7 More Philanthropists Sign Giving Pledge
11.17.2013: 60 Minutes
Giving Pledge
05.07.2013: Fortune Magazine
Spanx founder joins Giving Pledge
02.19.2013: Forbes
The Giving Pledge Goes Global
02.19.2013: Financial Times
Billionaires Pledge to Give Money Away (Subscription Required)
05.19.2012: The Economist
Spreading Gospels of Wealth: America's Billionaire Giving Pledgers are Forming a Movement
04.19.2012: Fortune Magazine
12 More Billionaires Sign On to Buffett/Gates Pledge
11.28.2010: ABC: This Week
Giving Back: Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, and Ted Turner talk to Christiane Amanpour
09.06.2010: USA Today
Band of Billionaires Pledge to Give to Charity
09.03.2010: The Wall Street Journal
U.S. Super Rich to Share Wealth
07.11.2010: The Chronicle of Philanthropy
Billionaires Urged to Unlock Vaults for Charity (Subscription Required)
06.16.2010: Fortune Magazine
The $600 Billion Challenge
06.16.2010: Charlie Rose
Bill Gates,Melinda Gates and Warren Buffett in an exclusive conversation about 'The Giving Pledge'